Using our church building: 

If you are a 501c3 organization and want to use part of our campus for an event or

meeting, we have a facilities coordinator who can answer your questions.  Here is a link to our affiliate Oakland Peace Center’s website page that explains everything.

The building is ours, and the facilities coordinator is a church employee, yet we work closely with Oakland Peace Center to ensure compliance with current  tax laws and ensure that the event is in alignment with the core mission of both organizations. 

Oakland Peace Center (OPC) and First Christian Church of Oakland (FCCO):

It was nearly 15 years ago when Rev. Sandhya Jha, then the Pastor of First Christian Church of Oakland, shared a vision of our church becoming a hub of peace for a city we love.  The Oakland Peace Center started as a ministry of the church. As we moved more into the work of peace it became apparent that to be an agent of change for the whole city of Oakland, OPC needed to become it’s own secular 501c3. That happened several years ago.

It is the church’s intention that, eventually, OPC will be in charge of the building and we will become one of their tenants. Until we are able to make that happen, we will continue to as we are sharing our building with a community we love, growing peace where it is so needed.  


We know that people are starting to think of our campus as the Oakland Peace Center and not as First Christian Church and we are ok with that.  In our mind it’s like watching your child grow into an adult you know can change the world. 

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